Weishi Professional Brand New Mechanical Watch Timing Tester Machine Multifunction Timegrapher NO.2000

Weishi Professional Brand New Mechanical Watch Timing Tester Machine Multifunction Timegrapher NO.2000

List Price: US $329.00
Price: US $312.55
You save: US $16.45 (5%)
List Price: US $329.00
Price: US $312.55
You save: US $16.45 (5%)
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Repair Tools & Kits
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mechanical watch timegrapher
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Product description
Three measuring areas 
Accrute measuring results 
Small and light 
Versatile and practical 
Good in quality and price
Product Description
The WeiShi No.2000 is a precise mechanical watches test instrument. It is  used for multi-testing mechanical watch by watch manufacturers and watch  technician, which is the below feature:
1. The LED screen can completely display the watch frequency.
2. The instrument can automatic adjust the signal intensity according to
the different watch.
3. The instrument can automatic calculate and display the day rate,
amplitude and beat error.
4. The instrument can automatic tests the common beat watch,
otherwise you can manually select for the special ones.
5. The instrument can select the test period of 2S, 4S, 6S, 8S, 12S, 20S,
30S, 60S, which can calculate the average value of corresponding
6. Six kinds of test orientation can be set; the simulation sound can be
Main Technical Parameters
1, Measuring possibilities: rate deviation, amplitude, beat error.
2, Rate deviation measurement: the range of deviation is ±999 sec/day, precision 1.0 sec/day.
3, Amplitude measurement: numerical display in degrees, resolution is 1°, measuring range: 100° to 360°.
4, Measuring for the beat error(frequency error), numerical display in milliseconds; the measuring range is 0~9.9ms.
5, Measuring position: 1 to 6 positions.
6, Line length: 320 points.
7, Supply voltage: single-phase AC 100V~240V±10% two-line.
8, Display dimension: 113*84mm.
9, Dimensions: 245*156*45mm.
10, Weight: 1.8kg.
The automatic select beat number by the instrument as below:
12000, 14400, 18000, 19800, 21600, 25200, 28800, 36000, 43200
The instrument automatic display the closet beat number if the watch beat  number is not in the automatic selection range, but the test result is incorrect,  so need to select the beat number manually. The manual selection can select  the special beat number.
The manual select beat number as below:
3600, 6000, 7200, 7380, 7440, 7800, 9000, 9100, 10800, 11880, 12000, 12342, 12480, 12600, 13320, 13440, 13500, 14000, 14040,
14160, 14200, 14280, 14400, 14520, 14580, 14760, 14850, 15000, 15360, 15600, 16200, 16320, 16800, 17196, 17258, 17280, 17786,
17897, 18000, 18049, 18514, 19332, 19440, 19800, 20160, 20222, 20944, 21000, 21031, 21306, 21600, 25200, 28800, 32400, 36000,


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Expert review
Weishi Professional Brand New Mechanical Watch Timing Tester Machine Multifunction Timegrapher NO.2000.
Review by: Lisa G.
I constantly but things at web stores and always try to be careful when choosing the product. Sometimes you happen to purchase a product which turns out to be of worse quality than the seller said. So I decided to make a review here.

Undoubtedly the merch was a good bargain. Some time ago I’ve been searching for an item of the same design but I couldn’t find anything good enough. I was always unsure either because of the cost or the outward appearance of the stuff. When I saw this model, I decided to take a chance and I don’t regret it.

At first I was sure that the merchandise would be of poor quality or would damage during delivery. But I was happy to see that it was Ok and it corresponds to the description at the web store. The truth is at first I didn’t expect anything really but eventually I discovered that I got lucky to purchase this one.

For starters, I want to mention the impressive quality of the materials. For this sort of merchandise, the quality is very important. As for this model, I find that, it is worth the its price. As compared to other web stores, web shops, this one offered an honest price for the quality of the merchandise.

I’ve been using the merch for a few days already and up until now everything’s been Ok. I never thought I’d be so lucky to acquire something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I loved the stuff. Usually you don’t expect to find something worthy at web sites but this time I happened to buy something decent and for this cheap.
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